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You are members of the Colymar Tribe, one of the largest in the Kingdom of Sartar. You grew up in Swan Village, which lies about 20 miles east of Runegate. The area is dotted with farms of rye and wheat, as well as pastures of cows and sheep. The mysterious Colymar Wilds lies to the south, forming a border with the rest of the Colymar territory to the south and east. To the north, the terrain begins to open until you reach the Grazelands, home of nomad tribes. To the west is the great Upland Marsh, where the dead are rumored to walk, animated by the necromancer from his dark tower.

Sartar was conquered and occupied by the Lunar Empire 20 seasons ago. They installed the king’s son Temertain as a figurehead ruler, but the true power is held by the governor, Varro. The Lunar occupation is mostly peaceful, though Lunar soldiers patrol the roads preventing any form of organized uprising. The Colymar tribes are uncooperative with their masters, but the tribal leaders have prevented open rebellion. Other Sartarite clans have embraced the Lunar Empire, hoping to curry favor and gain great riches. Varro understands this, and frequently uses tribal rivalries to his benefit.

The story begins with the onset of summer. The crops are growing in the hot sun and the shepherds are preparing to move the animals to their summer grazing areas. With the chores of spring behind them, the younger members of the tribe fill their time with other pursuits…

Mythras Glorantha

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